I’ll find a way or make one

SOS – Pilot

I am passionate with sustainability in business since I was 20. 15 years later, I still enjoy working in this field. I love to be a small piece of a giant engine that changes the direction of global business towards a more sustainable world. I work full-time as a consultant, provide consulting services and deliver public speaking as Thailand Leader of Sustainability and Climate Change at PwC Thailand Consulting. 

I believe in work-life balance and life in harmony with nature. So, once a year I need to be in some places that I’ve never been before. I love trekking although I don’t think I’m tougher or stronger than average ladies

  • 2019: Patagonian, Chile and Argentina
  • 2018: Everest Base Camp (EBC), Nepal
  • 2017: Rinjani Volcano in Lombok, Indonesia. 

To keep me on track under stressful working life, I read books in German, English and Thai and I also write a blog and host a page “7 Years in Germany” to express my thoughts and advise anyone with regard to Germany e.g. studying, working, or learn German. In August, I started learning my 4th language “Chinese”, let see how far I could go with this one. I also go to gym regularly – mostly swimming and muscles training. 

I started to learn how to play violin when I was 29. It is the most challenging activity I’ve ever faced. That piece of wood is very sensitive and zero tolerant for mistakes. 10,000 hours are needed to master this one and I still on the beginning phase.

Last but not least, based on 16 personalities, I’m a Lady Commander (ENTJ-A) and my motto is “I will find a way … Or make one.” – That should be enough for an introduction.

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